Chiyah city is considered as the geographic center point between Beirut, South Metn, ant the mountain due to the international roads and boulevards in its region such as Boulevard President Camille Chamoun, Boulevard Michel Zaccour, and Saida Old Road.

Chiyah is prosperous with its huge buildings, hospitals, malls, centers, banks, companies, schools, churches, and official sites.

Chiyah municipality was established in the early 1890. Four major ministries of the Lebanese government were centralized at Chiyah during that period which are: the ministry of labor, the ministry of public work, the ministry of energy and water resources, and the ministry of agriculture.

The municipality used to cover larger areas including Karem el Zeitoun, Hay el Knisse, Bir Abed and Haret el Mjedle as well as Jnah, Ghobeiry, Bir Hassan, Furn Chebbak, and Ain Remmeneh. Hay el Knise was the main part of Chiyah for most of the chiyahasists lived there.

Most of the intellectual and innovated people in Lebanon are Ciyahasists among whom we mention:

– Michel Zaccour, the great journalist and politician

– Wadih Naim, the head of a Lebanese official delegation to the united nation

– Edmond Naim , Central Bank governor

During the Lebanese war , Ain Remmeneh Street had been combined with Furn Chebbak, whereas Ghobeiry, Bir Hassan, and Jnah were completely separated from Chiyah and established their own municipality at Chiyah real estates.

Nowadays, Chiyah is bordered as follows:

North: Furn Chebbak

East:    Hazmieh

South:  Hareit Hreik

West:   Ghobeiry

Although Chiyah has been geographically restricted and damaged during the civil war, it still competes with the major Lebanese cities constuctionally, residentially, culturally, industrially, socially, and civilizationally. The evidence is the development plan that was set and achieved by the president Edmond Gharios and the municipal council. Their work program had an effective and successful result on the Chiyah natives and Chiyah economical process.

Developing results:

Mr. Edmond Gharios with the help of the municipal council made and executed municipal decisions that are related to asphalting and lining the  roads at Chiyah,  constructing “Chiyah Forum“, a place where sports, cultural, social activities can be practiced, and establishing a public garden facing the forum at Boulevard Camille Chamoun.

Social ly:

The municipal council organizes every year a summer festival that is awaited yearly by the chiyahasists and their neighbors. They also honor the old people by the yearly trip when these old people at Chiyah visit sacred places, share lunch, and sing and dance with the president Edmond Gharios and other municipal members. The children at Chiyah also have the opportunity to celebrate and have fun during the summer camp and the annual Christmas celebration.

The municipal council also appreciate the mothers at Chiyah by a special celebration held on mother’s day.


The president Edmond Gharios had the idea of establishing a primary health care center at Chiyah, so the municipal council signed and proceeded with all the forms that are related to the construction and performance of this center. The primary health care center is located at Mar Maroun Street next to Mar Maroun church. It welcomes all patients of different ages. These patients are examined by a family doctor and he decides to which specialist will be guided.


The municipality had took possession of an area of 11000m2 (kasardjian). They are still working on the project to include green spaces, sports playgrounds, jogging roads…

Trees and plants are planted on all sides of the roads to decorate them and freshen the atmosphere.

The municipal cop system was improved in the last three years by adding the number of cop and guards. Surveillance Cameras were installed all over the city for more security.

Finally, our strong will and continuous determination will make our town Chiyah a typical town that is admired by all.