Chiyah Forum

Chiyah Forum

Sports play an important role is every society. They are tremendously popular, but more importantly, they are vehicles for transmitting such values as justices, fair play, and teamwork. Sports have contributed to social integration and throughout history have been the “social glue” that bonds the country together. Using the languages of art and culture, we can provide ideal opportunities for interaction.

Chiyah Forum. A sports and culture center with a wide variety of functions is an initiative by the Municipality of Chiyah. The center is a brand new building that will have a great impact on the local community, with mixed use facilities; multipurpose sports hall, gym, library, open theater, conference rooms, cafeteria and a parking garage for added convenience.

An ideal Location

Conveniently location close to the heart of Beirut, Chiyah Forum boasts an ideal location accessible from all main roads and by all means of public transportation..

The Health Club

A sophisticated health club gives residents access to the latest machinery to help them stay in shape and escape their daily routine.

The Recreational Activities

The center offers area residents outdoor and indoor venues where they can practice any recreational activity they like, from ballroom dancing to yoga.

The Sports Court

This covered court with 2000 seat capacity, can be booked for basketball, volleyball games, martial arts and all sorts of activities. Residents can benefit from the court to practices their favorites sports or watch a friendly game.

Library, Arts & culture

In the age of technology and digital data. Books are becoming extinct.

Hence, the need for this modern. 3 stories library as a public space. To welcome all community members in a comfortable environment that gives them access to the latest backs and magazines.

With its professional atmosphere. The conference room offers plenty of space for any business event. Corporate function. Meeting…

The contemporary amphitheater, with a 665-seat capacity, is ideal for hosting different types of plays, concerts, formal ceremonies, art exhibitions, literature readings and other culture events.

The Ballroom

The versatile room is perfect for all kinds of events. Its ample space can serve a reception area for seminars and workshops; a banquet area for cocktail receptions, weddings and social occasions; or as a lounge for gatherings and networking.