Primary Health Care Center Chiyah

The PHCCC was founded on 19th of May 2014, by a decision of the council of Chiyah municipality, chaired by Mr Edmond Gharios. The Primary Health Care Center of Chiyah municipality, is one of the leading and unique centers in the region, aiming to improve the health of the community, throughout offering exemplary health care services.

The purpose of our center is also to involve the local community directly into decision making, through establishing a focus group,that will be selected precisely to serve best medical and social issues and to be involved in educational and preventive activities of the center.

The center is open seven days a week from Monday till Friday.

A family doctor is always present in the center from 9h am till 1h pm.

A dentist is also present every Wednesday.

A pediatrician every Wednesday and Friday.

A cardiologist is available twice a month, as needed.


The center has also a small pharmacy,that ensures all or some of the medications prescribed by our physicians.

As the elderly occupy an important part of our care, we have dedicated the first floor of the center, to receive them two to three times a week.

Several activities and programs are held weekly with many organizations and committees, such as the Lebanese Red Cross-the youth department, the parochial committee of St Maroun’s church; all of them supervised by our social worker.


These activities tend mainly to entertain, cherish, educate those elderly, keeping them away from loneliness and desolation.


To schedule an appointment, please contact us on the following telephone number: 01-390051/52.